Fasting and praying has always been self-evident in Church History, to fast has been a basic value in Christian life ever since (see Acts 13:3). So this is where we get our perspective and vision from for our "pray & fast"" seminars. Praying and fasting together opens a door for us to encounter God in ways not so easily possible in our everyday lives.

In addition to the fasting, we offer special lectures, groupwork and prayer times (in group and by yourself) and there´s also the chance to get personal counseling, which all aims to encounter our Living God more intensely. Plus, we also take time to seek God´s Will in our lives very practically.

What we think unique about these seven days of fasting is that they are determined by the following four topics:

A. God loves all His Creation; and we get life only by this very love.

B. God´s Spirit wants to restore our relationships: with Him, with one another and with ourselves. Thus, it helps to be open for personal counseling.

C. God is alive in each person that has turned to Him. Gal. 2:20 says „I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.“ How can I live this truth in my daily life?

D. Jesus taught us to pray that „His Kingdom may come“. What does that mean in my own life? How can I discover God´s plans about my life and about building His Kingdom through me?

To get just a little taste of these core topics you may well read into some of our lectures – yet, they are longer in real. Please note that they are held by laymen only. Maybe some day it´s you who will teach such a lecture as well?