Personal Experiences shared

Fasten Seminar 2016 Polen

One of our translators in Poland shared: „It´s been so many times that I´ve listened to Survivors of Auschwitz. But there was such a special release {of God´s Love and Power} when I saw you on your knees asking for forgiveness on that Day of Reconciling Germans with Poles. Something exploded within me!

Another Polish translator participating in such a seminar for the first time in her life said: „I got drunk in the Holy Spirit. I wish this drunkenness would never end!“

On our outreach, we asked a family on the street whether we were allowed to pray for their 10-year-old son. We were allowed to and did so with all our hearts. Suddenly the mother could not hold back any longer and asked for prayer for her second son at home. He was diagnosed „Asperger-Syndrome“ and the whole family was suffering. We started praying for this second boy as well and the mother burst into tears, hugging and thanking us.