About us

Prayer with fasting has always been self-evident in Church History, fasting has been a basic value in Christian life ever since (see Acts 13:3).

So in a nutshell, this is where we get our perspective and vision from for our "pray & fast" seminars.

Praying and fasting together opens a door to encounter our God in ways not so easily possible in our everyday lives.

Such special times of prayer enable us to hear and comprehend His Will more clearly to understand how to live our lives according to these new revelations.

In such atmosphere of fasting and praying it is easier for us to encounter God, our Father, rather than in our busy everyday lives.

The core topic of our lives as Christians is the truth that „Christ lives in us“ (Gal. 2:20), therefore that is the key topic in our seminars in order to learn how to live „Christ in us“ in our daily routines of life, in our jobs and private homes.

We´ve experienced miracles like the restoration of marriages because couples have learned to accept God´s moving in their marriage life! Come and see that nothing is impossible for God´s Spirit!

Therefore we all want to be open during these "pray & fast" week for His counseling and directing us.

We expect our seminar members to have a personal relationship with the Living God, Father of Jesus Christ, or at least you are open and seeking such an intimate relationship!

It is the main focus of our seminars that you to get to know the purpose and calling of your life, including new perspectives that lead to an unwavery support and new foundation in your everyday life.

We as staff come from all denominational and professional backgrounds, e.g. at home we work as employees, laborers, architects, lab assistants, locksmiths, doctors and artists. Sie kommen aus unterschiedlichen Konfessionen, Kirchen, Gemeinden und Gruppen und setzen sich unentgeltlich ein.

We are members of different churches, confessions and groups and we are volunteers, i.e. we work for free.

We encourage all our seminar participants to stay committed in their churches - when returning home in even more powerful ways. Again, we do not want to headhunt new members for a certain church or our ministry.

Mena and Ruediger Wissemborski live in Rheinhessen, Germany, they both work as assistants in chemical laboratories, and they have two children and grandchildren.

Outside of Germany this ministry is supported by „Projekt Aussöhnung“ (e.V.), an association aimed at Reconciling Men With God.

Our minstry in Germany and Austria is part of „Crossover Ministry“ of the Association „Marburger Kreis“.